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Selling Share Holder on Buna Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Bunna international bank share=25 price:45,000 birr    2.Bunna International bank share=30 price=55,000 birr   3.Bunna International bank  share=35 price=65,000 birr  4.Bunna International bank share=40 price=70,000 birr 5.Bunna International bank share=45 Price=80,000 birr 6.Bunna International bank share=50 price=90,000 birr  7.Bunna International bank  share=55 price =100,000 birr  8.Bunna International bank Share=100 price=200,000 birr  


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Selling Share Holder on Oromia International Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Oromia International Bank total share=20 Total price=65,000 birr  2.Oromia International Bank total share=25 Total price=75,000 birr  3.Oromia International Bank total share=30 Total price=90,000 birr  4.Oromia International Bank total share=35 Total price=100,000 birr  5.Oromia International Bank total share=40 Total price=110,000 birr  6.Oromia International bank share=45 Total price=115,000 birr  7.Oromia International bank Share=50 Total price=130,000 birr  8.Oromia […]


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Selling Share Holder on Nib Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Nib bank Number of  share=200 price=350,000 birr 2.Nib Bank Number of share=300 Price=525,000 birr 3.Nib Bank Number of share=400 Price=650,000 birr 4.Nib bank Number of share=500 Price=750,000 birr 5.Nib bank Number of share=1000 Price=1,300,000 birr    


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