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Selling Share Holder on Buna Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Bunna international bank share=25 price:45,000 birr    2.Bunna International bank share=30 price=55,000 birr   3.Bunna International bank  share=35 price=65,000 birr  4.Bunna International bank share=40 price=70,000 birr 5.Bunna International bank share=45 Price=80,000 birr 6.Bunna International bank share=50 price=90,000 birr  7.Bunna International bank  share=55 price =100,000 birr  8.Bunna International bank Share=100 price=200,000 birr  


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Selling Share Holder on Oromia International Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Oromia International Bank total share=20 Total price=65,000 birr  2.Oromia International Bank total share=25 Total price=75,000 birr  3.Oromia International Bank total share=30 Total price=90,000 birr  4.Oromia International Bank total share=35 Total price=100,000 birr  5.Oromia International Bank total share=40 Total price=110,000 birr  6.Oromia International bank share=45 Total price=115,000 birr  7.Oromia International bank Share=50 Total price=130,000 birr  8.Oromia […]


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Selling Share Holder on Nib Bank

| Uncategorized | March 20, 2018

1.Nib bank Number of  share=200 price=350,000 birr 2.Nib Bank Number of share=300 Price=525,000 birr 3.Nib Bank Number of share=400 Price=650,000 birr 4.Nib bank Number of share=500 Price=750,000 birr 5.Nib bank Number of share=1000 Price=1,300,000 birr    


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Welcome to Addis Guide

| Uncategorized | October 14, 2017


  Click here  


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| Uncategorized | September 21, 2017


HEDASSE GRAND MALL in Addis Ababa foundation in 2013 and conducts many research and development to decide the area of business that benefits the shareholder as a business and the country for its renaissance. Mr. Ahmedin Mohamed who is serving the share company as a president initiates HEDASSE SHARE COMPANY and it’s founded by 25 […]


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Ethiopia is cheapest emerging market for luxury property

| Uncategorized | September 21, 2017

Fast-growing Ethiopia is the cheapest place in the world’s emerging markets to buy luxury property, according to a new ranking from a specialist property company. Top end real estate there costs around $448 per square metre, while luxury property in Angola is ten times more expensive, at over $4,500 per square metre, data from property […]


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Comments Off on ADDIS ABABA / Everyday

ADDIS ABABA / Everyday

| Uncategorized | December 10, 2016

  topics  : Living in Addis Ababa; Practical information; domestic staff; security instructions. LIVING IN ADDIS ABABA   ADDIS ABABA / Everyday has seen its population increase by half since the revolution of 1991. Founded in 1887 alone, it was nearly abandoned due to the combustion of wood shortage but was saved by the introduction […]


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The French connection in Addis

| Uncategorized | December 10, 2016


For more than 100 years, two Alliances, one in Addis Ababa and one in Dire Dawa celebrate the great friendship between Ethiopia, France and French speaking countries, through two missions: teaching French and organizing cultural events. In Addis, more than 3500 students register for French classes at all levels, every year. Moreover, nearly 200 events […]


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