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Professionals, Families: moving to Addis Ababa? We can help you with relocation services from A to Z

Corporate HR Service

Development, mergers and acquisitions motivate companies to relocate managers, researchers and employees to new sites and new countries.

These transfers imply high costs (such as travel, hotel, and temporary residencies) and require considerable administrative work that need to be supported by companies.

Furthermore, relocated managers and employees ask themselves personal questions:

  • How to adapt to a new lifestyle far from his/her country, family and friends?
  • How to adapt to a new culture?
  • How to understand and be understood in French?
  • How to find new accommodations and settle in?
  • How long will this take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How to choose?
  • How to find the right school for the kids?
  • How to deal with the authorities (i.e. residence permit, working visas)?
  • How to open a bank account?
  • How to make his/her family comfortable in this new country?
  • And many more how to’s…

For the client-company

  • For the client-company, the assistance of a relocation professional results in lower costs:
  • Less airplane and train expenses: The extensive amount of research work done by Addis Ababa Relocation Services minimizes the number of trips made by the bneficiaries.
  • Lower hotels and restaurants expenses: Based on a tightly managed visits schedule, Addis Ababa relocation Service will decrease the amount of time needed to find the right accommodation to a minimum.
  • Less red tape: In order to avoid further unnecessary expenses, Addis Ababa Relocation Services will sign leases, do furniture inventory, sign contracts with utilities such as Ethiotelecom, the phone company, insurance companies, etc. on the behalf of the beneficiary.
  • Less stress: Last but not least, the beneficiary will be immediately available to the client company for professional activities.

For the beneficiary

  • For the beneficiary we save time and costs and provide peace of mind.
  • He/she will be sure to find quality accommodations selected by relocation professionals and relieved that all administrative steps concerning his/her transfer are done by experts.
  • We save to him the concern of the ignorance of the market of the real estate.
  • He/she does not waste time in fruitless phone calls and unnecessary travels. As soon he/she arrives, we will take care of his/her accommodations, schools for the children, administrative formalities and his/her settling as a whole.

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